The Song of the Animals


We’re gathering a crowd to create an online ebook for children called The Song of the Animals. Check out the ebook progress below, we update it each fortnight! The pages with the answers to the rhymes need LOTS of different illustrations of the same animal, and there are landscapes to draw too so there is plenty of opportunity for your work to be included.

Who can join in

Everyone! All ages, all abilities. We are all artists each in our own way and this project celebrates the diversity of how we see the world.

How to join in

Read the rhymes below and guess the answer!

Draw, sketch, or paint your submission. Take a high quality photo of your illustration. Submit it to be included in the ebook by uploading it using the button on the left.

You can also draw the landscapes described on the ebook pages.

How many animals and/or landscapes can I submit?

However many you like!

The Book

Here is the current version of the online book. This will be updated fortnightly with new submissions so that the creation of the book can be tracked and checked into regularly, like a live book making project! Watch the book as it changes and grows.

Can you guess the answers to these rhymes?

The Song of the Animals banner

Get involved


take a photo (or scan) of your illustration and submit it to us using the submission form below.