Our Aim

Let’s Write connects community members in Woden and surrounds through art, creative writing, and storytelling. We all have stories to tell and visions to share, why not do it whilst connecting with and supporting your community?

Open for anyone to contribute to, Let’s Write can be your way to start a creative project, get involved in one, meet some new people, or pick up a new skill!/p>

Who we are

Let’s Write is coordinated by the Woden Community Service Community Development team. We work alongside community members to bring their visions to life, encouraging and guiding people to share their unique and valuable skills, knowledge, and resources. This might look like the start of a social group, bringing new life to a community space, advocating for change, or a creative project. Possibilities are endless! The Community Development team works in Woden, Weston Creek, and the Molonglo Valley.